We are a professional investment casting foundry with over four decades of expertise in precision casting. We have the ability to manufacture custom intricate castings.

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Founded in the year 2004, Taiyuan SIMIS Investment Casting Company is a well-established foundry that seamlessly combines development and production. Our expertise lies in the creation of diverse investment casting parts and sand casting components, catering to a wide range of industries including automotive, railway vehicles, medical, aerospace, chemical, machinery, construction, municipal works, pipeline, petrochemical, mining, and the electric utility sector.

Taiyuan SIMIS Investment Casting Co., Ltd., boasts six affiliated casting facilities and two dedicated CNC machining workshops. Our location in Taiyuan City, Shanxi Province, China, provides us with a strategic advantage. Shanxi Province is renowned for its rich reserves of iron ore, coal, and coke. Coupled with a robust electricity supply, we have a distinct edge in producing ferrous metal casting components, including cast iron and steel parts.

At Taiyuan Simis, we take pride in our decades-long commitment to excellence in the field of customised metal casting. With over 40 years of experience, we have firmly established ourselves as leaders in the industry.

Our Commitment to Quality

We understand that achieving perfection in metal casting requires a combination of cutting-edge technology and a team of skilled professionals. This is why we invest continuously in advanced facilities and equipment. Our top of the line manufacturing plant boasts a comprehensive range of modern machinery that allows us to tackle even the most complex casting projects with precision.

Our Manufacturing Capabilities

Our strategic location within China’s coal and steel energy product hub affords us a notable cost advantage, benefitting from abundant and affordable electricity supply and favorable labor costs. Annually, we manufacture in excess of 5000 tons of investment castings, as well as a quantity of sand castings.

Advanced Facilities and Equipment

Our advanced facilities and equipment include:

  • Automated Wax Injection Machines: These machines automate the process of injecting wax patterns into moulds. They can precisely control the wax pattern’s size and shape, ensuring consistency across multiple patterns.

  • Shell Building Robots: These robots automate the creation of ceramic shells around the wax patterns. They can apply multiple layers of ceramic slurry and stucco, enhancing shell quality and reducing manual labour.

  • Automated De-Waxing Equipment: Our automated de-waxing equipment are used to remove the wax from the ceramic shells. This can be done using steam, autoclaves, or other specialised equipment.

  • Robotic Pouring Systems: Our robots are used to pour the molten metal into the ceramic shells. These systems can control the pouring process with precision, ensuring consistent filling and reducing the risk of defects.

  • Automated Cleaning and Finishing Equipment: After the casting has cooled and solidified, automated equipment can be used for cleaning, cutting, grinding, and finishing processes. This machinery ensures uniformity and quality in the final product.

  • Furnace Charge: Our cutting-edge furnace charge management systems ensure precise control over the melting process, contributing to the consistency and quality of our castings.
  • High-Precision CNC Machines: Equipped with the latest CNC technology, our machines ensure the accuracy and consistency of every casting.

  • Forging Equipment: We also feature advanced forging equipment, further enhancing our capabilities and allowing us to deliver a wide range of customised metal casting solutions.

  • Coordinate Measuring Machines(CMM): We employ CMM technology for precise dimensional inspections, ensuring that every casting meets the most stringent quality standards.
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Furnace charge

Forging Eequipment

CNC Machinery

Testing CMM

Fully Equipped Inspection Facilities​

1. Spectrometer
2. Mechanical performance tensile testing machine
3. Impact equipment capable of performing room temperature and low temperature (-45°C) impact tests, including machined impact test piece notch equipment
4. Metallographic inspection equipment
5. Rockwell hardness tester
6. X-ray detection equipment
7. Ultrasonic detector
8. Magnetic particle flaw detection equipment
9. Penetrant testing equipment

Taiyuan SIMIS Investment Casting Co., Ltd.

Why Choose SIMIS?

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We have a robust R&D team capable of developing and producing products based on customer drawings or samples.

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We have a variety of precision casting processes, including investment casting, shell casting, and sand casting, that enable us to meet diverse customer needs.

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Cost Advantage

Thanks to the integration of numerous advanced robotic systems, the entire production chain has undergone substantial enhancements, resulting in cost savings and ensuring competitive pricing.

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Quality Control

Our ISO-certified quality certification signifies that we maintain a rigorous quality control team, ensuring the consistent delivery of high-quality casting products. Our primary objective is to guarantee the quality of each product and minimise rejection rates to zero.

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We are well aware of the repercussions of delayed orders, which can result in financial losses for our customers and impact the viability of our business. Our effective management ensures that such occurrences are prevented.

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Production Capacity

Our strategic location within China’s coal and steel energy product hub affords us a notable cost advantage, benefitting from abundant and affordable electricity supply and favorable labor costs. Annually, we manufacture in excess of 5000 tons of investment castings, as well as a quantity of sand castings.

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All-in-One Partner

We provide more than just manufacturing. We will support you throughout your project, from the time you imagine it to when it is completed, with the utmost precision and success. Our customers are located all over the world, including North America, Europe, Russia, and South Asia.

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For over four decades, we have been trusted suppliers to world-class customers, a source of immense pride. Presently, our global reach encompasses a 90% export ratio, serving customers across the globe.

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Manufacturing isn’t solely about production; it’s equally about crafting an exceptional customer experience to ensure that your requirements are acknowledged and your specifications are fulfilled.

Our Prominent Clients

Providing the Metalworking Industry with Castings, Fabrications, Forgings, Machining, and related products and services.

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