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SIMIS - A renowned Chinese foundry with 40 years of casting experience.

# Customizing lost wax casting metal castings that meet your specific requirements, and ensure consistent and precise results that meet your standards. We uphold all relevant environmental and safety standards, and guarantee on-time delivery to meet your schedule.

# Our strategic location in China’s major coal and steel production base ensures the availability and cost-effectiveness of raw materials, allowing us to offer competitive prices and customized solutions within budget.

Credentials Beyond Compare

We are a professional precision lost wax investment casting foundry that has obtained ISO 9001 certification. This signifies our commitment to quality management practices and our ability to consistently provide quality products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements. In addition, we have been certified by TUV, demonstrating our adherence to high quality standards and our commitment to continuous improvement.

Customize lost wax casting. Request a quote today for tailored pricing and service.

Our casting process:

SIMIS lost wax casting

Investment casting (lost wax casting process) Product Gallery

Choosing the wrong casting and manufacturing methods can lead to poor quality parts or delayed delivery, resulting in lost trust and orders from customers. That’s why we offer a range of casting and manufacturing methods, such as investment casting, lost wax casting, sand casting, shell casting, forging, die casting, machining, and fabrication, to provide you with custom metal parts that meet your specific needs. With our expertise and attention to detail, we ensure that our products are of the highest quality and delivered on time.

If you are unable to obtain the required type of metal parts, it may affect your business growth and reputation. With 40 years of experience, we can manufacture custom metal parts using various metal materials, including carbon steel, high-alloy steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, ductile iron, and grey iron. We can provide high-quality metal parts according to your requirements to ensure that we meet your manufacturing needs.

Capable Of Solving The Toughest Casting Challenges.

Taiyuan SIMIS Investment Casting Company.
simis lost wax casting company
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Taiyuan SIMIS Investment Casting Company is a professional foundry that integrates development and production. We specialize in producing various kinds of investment casting parts and sand casting parts, which are widely used in industries such as automobiles, railway vehicles, medicine, aerospace, chemicals, machinery, construction, municipal works, pipelines, petrochemicals, mines, and electric utilities.

We are located in Taiyuan City, Shanxi Province, China. Shanxi Province has been known for its abundant reserves of iron ore, coal, and coke for a long time, which, combined with ample electricity supply, gives us a great advantage in producing ferrous metal casting parts, including cast iron parts and steel parts.


lost wax casting service
We have a strong R&D team, and we can develop and produce product according to the customer’s drawing or sample…
lost wax casting services
We have variety of precision casting processes that are investment casting, shell casting, and Sand Casting, which enable us…
custom investment casting
Due to the introduction of a large number of advanced robot equipment, the whole production chain has been greatly improved, hence saving the production cost, the price is competitive.
custom lost wax casting
Our ISO-certified quality system mean that we have strict quality control team and consistently deliver quality product, our aim is to ensure the quality of every product and reduce the rejection rate to zero.
lost wax casting parts
We know the consequences of delayed orders, which will not only cause losses to customers, but also the bottom line of our survival,our efficient management will not let such things happen.
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Production Capacity
Our location in the coal and steel energy product belt of China provides us with a significant cost advantage. abundant and cheap electricity supply and labor cost advantages.Every year produces over 50000 tons of investment castings and some sand castings.
water glass lost wax casting
All-in-One Partner
We provide more than just manufacturing. We will support you throughout your project, from the time you imagine it to when it is completed, with the utmost precision and success. Our customer are located all over the world, North America, Europe, Russia and South Asia.
customized stainless steel casting
We have served as many suppliers for world-class customers for more than 40 years. We pride ourselves on the trust of our old customers. Currently, we have a 90% export ratio around the world.
investment and precision castings ltd
Manufacturing isn’t only about production — it’s also about creating the best customer experience to make sure your needs are heard and your specifications are met.

Advanced Production Facilities

We are in the leading position in the field of investment casting in China. We have replaced the high pollution, low quality casting materials and backward casting process, and adopted the advanced casting process and equipment only available in the domestic automobile industry,the production capacity has reached 5000 tons/year.
Customize lost wax casting. Request a quote today for tailored pricing and service.

We provide services to Fortune 500 companies, which demonstrates our ability to meet the high standards and expectations of some of the most successful and discerning businesses in the world.

Our foundry locate in the coal and steel energy product belt of China and provides us with a significant cost advantage.


We have comprehensive casting inspection methods. In 2008, we obtained ISO9000 quality management system and TS16949 quality certificates, which provide strong support for our quality assurance system. We have established a complete casting mechanical properties and chemical composition analysis testing center, which analyzes and tests the chemical composition and mechanical performance requirements for different materials. Key equipment includes:

1. Spectrometer
2. Mechanical performance tensile testing machine
3. Impact equipment capable of performing room temperature and low temperature (-45°C) impact tests, including machined impact test piece notch equipment
4. Metallographic inspection equipment
5. Rockwell hardness tester
6. X-ray detection equipment
7. Ultrasonic detector
8. Magnetic particle flaw detection equipment
9. Penetrant testing

You Asked, We Answered

Yes, we do not have a minimum quantity requirement. We produce as per the customer’s demand.

We have skilled smelters who can blend various metal materials to ensure the required chemical composition.

We have a laboratory that meets national requirements, with complete testing equipment and qualified personnel. During smelting, we perform three spectral analyses: the first during the furnace material melting stage, the second after alloy addition, and the third before steel production. If the composition does not meet the casting requirements, we adjust it promptly. Castings with qualified composition undergo heat treatment as per the requirements.

We have mold design, technical and inspection departments to maintain product safety. We have ISO9000 and TS16949 quality system certifications to ensure the safety of each production process. Over the years, we have not produced any defective products, so please rest assured to place orders.

We always believe that the customer is God and consider customer requirements as our top priority. We have an emergency department that specializes in emergency arrangements for urgent products to ensure timely delivery of every order.

Customize your ideal lost wax investment castings with us!

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